At Jai Wellbeing, radiesthesia is used to assess the vibrational field of the client and anything animate or inanimate that the client interacts with to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s wholistic health.

Radiesthesia is a precise science that uses the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields using specially calibrated instruments, and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information. Matter from which everything in the universe is a form of energy is an infinite arrangements of atoms made up of particles that are in a constant state of circular motion, i.e. energy interaction. The frequency at which this energy is vibrating determines the density of its expression as matter. Matter vibrating at a relatively slow frequency gives us the solid state of our physical universe. Super imposed on this solid state of matter are energy fields that vibrate at higher frequencies that are beyond our normal human sensory perception. These fields that surround all living systems are a series of multidimensional energy fields, that together with the physical state, form the total living body that should be dealt with as a wholistic composition.

Given the nature of the extended body, there are many interactions that exist at a threshold beyond the sensitivity of our perception that have no physical perceivable manifestation, but affect our whole multidimensional body system. When energy systems are in close contact, the resulting interaction modifies the vibrational properties of the systems. Radiesthesia allows us to extend our perception to tune into an unperceived world beyond the normal range, thus giving us a view into the realm of vibrational interaction and opening unlimited avenues for research into understanding the true wholistic nature of our bodies.

At Jai Wellbeing radiesthesia is also used to assess homes, businesses, and various types of properties that a client may be engaged with on a daily basis. Radiesthesia is used to clear homes of harmful energies and harmonize the human energy field of the occupants with that of the home. The same energy clearing and harmonizing is also done for businesses. 

If you require a home or business clearing, please send an email with details to jai.wellbeing@yahoo.ca.